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Night Owl Watch
Night Owl Watch by ThomasPaulMurphy
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Poinsettia Rickshaw Commuter Bag

I designed this product for the woman who likes Red Purses. I call it Poinsettia Rickshaw Commuter Bag because that is what the image of it is. Makes the perfect gift or accessory! Thomas Paul Murphy 

Poinsettia Purse

Poinsettia Wristlet
Poinsettia Wristlet by ThomasPaulMurphy
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Sometimes when you are out and about with a woman she see's a purse that she has to have. And very often that purse is a red purse! This is the one of a kind red purse that she will love. It has an image of a Red Poinsettia Flower Petal on it. Sure to be a must have! Thomas Paul Murphy 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Alluring Wristlet bag for women

Alluring Wristlet
Alluring Wristlet by ThomasPaulMurphy
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Musky Travel Accessory Bag

Musky Travel Accessory Bag
Musky Travel Accessory Bag by ThomasPaulMurphy
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Executive Gifts for the Affluent Introduction

Executive Gifts for the Affluent Introduction

In this blog I will feature gift idea's for the Executive and Affluent demographic.  Items featured will be items- products, that I consider to be works of art in form.  Someone them will be handmade one of a kind items and others will be products that can be considered the equivalent prints of paintings without always being paintings. These are high end gifts for the executive who makes over one quarter of a million dollars a year.

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